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Payroll Management

Payroll Management

Payroll processing, and its management, is time consuming tasks that can take you away from other needs and functions within your company. Not to mention all of the tax filings and compliance issues with having employees in an organization. Covenant Executives HR Consultants can take away these burdens and provide you peace of mind that your taxes are correctly paid and that all wage and hour laws are being adhered too, In addition to the monthly, quarterly, and annual tax reporting and filing.

Employers, regardless of the number of employees are required to maintain all records concerning payroll taxes such as income PAYE, NSSF, NHIF etc. In the present world of globalization volume of work increases day by day. This pressurizes the managers to do very fast as the time allotted to them is less and the volume of work is more. As statutory compliances change day by day, it’s difficult to keep in touch due to increasing present responsibility. As a result, there is need for separate body of individual to handle the show smoothly.  Covenant work on behalf of the company and gives these services which your company need at times when required.

Covenant Executives will:

  • Provide payroll management services and guarantee compliance with all PAYE regulations in Kenya.
  • Ensure the automated payroll system assist the clients to manage financial records of employees.
  • Ensure that all statutory deductions (PAYE, NSSF, NHIF, withholding tax) are withheld at source and remitted in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that all the returns (employee and employer) are submitted to the authorities by the deadline.
  • Ensure that all records are properly maintained including name, address, and I.D. numbers, PINs, NSSF, NHIF, bank account details, etc. of each employee.

We have necessary expertise and technology that improves efficiency in management of employee payment details. Anything that has to do with how employees are paid, filing taxes, monitoring hours, calculating salary, as well as printing and delivering checks is part of services that fall under payroll management.

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