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Headhunting is a strategy used to find the most suitable professional for a specific role whether they are openly looking for a new challenge or not. In most cases, vacancies are filled with active job seekers who may not be suitable candidates.  Headhunting is faster than other form of recruiting employees. Furthermore, headhunting is more accurate in terms of recruiting employees with necessary skills and expertise. Headhunting also leads to recruitment of better employees than those recruited through common recruitment. The risk of recruiting unqualified employees is also eliminated.

At Covenant, we take a different approach to sampling CVs of common job seekers. We look for the best individual for the role and approach them directly. We avoid waiting for individuals to send applications to the recruiter. It is common that most suitable individuals are already employed, so finding them may be challenging. Our headhunting services focus on people who are not actively looking for jobs but when presented with an opportunity, may move. We estimate that a large majority of the workforce have qualified employees. Headhunting is a resource intensive approach and enables clients to understand what they need for the role, the landscape of the role and skills needed; the type of individuals they expect to attract as well as timeline for the whole process. We advise our clients, especially at board levels on the best candidate for certain roles. In most cases, headhunting is reserved for senior appointments, strategic hires, and roles harder to fill. However, headhunting can also be used to fill any other vacancy.

At Covenant, we specialize in senior-level executive search. If you are looking to make senior level hires, it’s something that we urge all of our clients to look at. Unfortunately good candidates are hard to come by and the best way to find them is to actively target who you want. If you don’t hire the best your business will inevitably lose money. We work with employers so that we understand the strategic hiring and growth needs. Covenant defines the perimeters of the search, identifying the targets or top talents at mind to top level management of other organizations. We also ensure that we make an approach to select targets through an understanding of a candidate’s pull and push factors in relation to the vacancy to be filled.

At Covenant, we ensure that we manage and prepare clients and candidate expectations and brokering of an employment contract. We appreciate the need to understand a particular space or industry well enough to know the key performers and players in the market. We rely majorly on networks and referrals to find ideal candidates. Covenant relies on technical experience, strong network, and effective research to fulfill the needs of our clients in relation to headhunting. We ensure that we avoid classified adverts, job postings, and other forms of recruitment since headhunting is based on unique needs of our clients.  Our role is to look for candidates and not applicants who apply. We target candidates who are gainfully and happily employed with an aim of influencing their career development in another capacity.

Headhunting is recommended when a certain position in the market has not attracted an interesting candidate. In particular, when our clients look for certain skills and they do not want to waste their time, Covenant comes in by contacting qualified candidates in other areas of employment. We look for candidates with special skills. We also focus on employee competitiveness in the market. In most cases, we do not focus on fresh graduates in the market since headhunting focuses on special skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience gained over time. Our role is to recommend the most suitable employee to our clients.

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