Frequently asked questions


We cannot promise to find every candidate who registers with us a job but, we will do our very best to match your skills and qualification to available jobs and employers. Registering with us is absolutely free of charge and will increase your chances to acquire you a job since we will have your data in our database. Let Employers connect with you faster through our portal at the comfort of your zone.

When you apply for a job, your CV is the first thing that an employer will get of you. Ensuring you have a CV that captures attention is the way to go. Contact Covenant to create a killer CV that will bring out key skills. Also ensure you apply for positions that fit your qualifications, experience and skills.

We value each and every candidate that applies for the jobs that we post but we have thousands of applicants on our database.However, we offer a timeline which if you don’t hear from us by then, you know that the application was unsuccessful.

Yes.  We offer professionally tailor-made CV. You can call us on +254 708 468 400/44 (11.00am-5.00pm) Monday through Thursday, Friday up to 2.00pm. Alternatively, request for a call back by filling the online consultation form.

Here at Covenant we offer employment for a wide range of job category, skills set, qualification and experience. To be up to date with our current job vacancies go to

We consider online applications. Please check suitable positions and apply through our website. Our system is mobile friendly & time saving.

You book an appointment.  Should you need online consultation, it's readily available by filling the online consultation form and select your convenient timing for a call back. Ensure you complete the process by paying online. Check your inbox for email confirmation and proceed. Always happy to serve you!


Outsourcing HR functions will create a greater efficiency within human resource systems. It will keep you up to date with regulations that affects workforce. Due to regular changes in employment and labor laws, it minimizes risks of being on the wrong side of law. Outsourcing these functions also saves you a lot of cost. It allows you to concentrate on the core business activities, leaving the non-revenue generating back office expense to us. It will also help you manage employee development and performance.

Our team is made of high integrity consultants. All consultants are trained on the importance of maintaining confidentiality of client’s information and document. We are also glad to arrange a client own confidentiality agreement upon request.

The time frame for acquiring an employee will depend on your specific needs and talent availability. We are committed to sending you only the most qualified candidate who fits your specifications.

Yes we do. Our training solution to your organization is customized to make sure we meet your specific training needs effectively.

Well, Covenant has successfully served Large & Small Companies in different sectors. Truth be told, our service is hassle free, cost effective and gives you a greater peace of mind. We love what we do and provide outsourced payroll solutions within the timelines set by the Client. Let’s discuss and you will thank Covenant later. We leave memorable impressions.

It depends with the need and your ability to conduct such events. Here at Covenant, we recommend as frequently as you need them. We offer world class team building activities that produce meaningful results. You are one step ahead if you engage Covenant on this.