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Counseling & Guidance

Counseling & Guidance

Employees are diverse in so many aspects. Behavior is one of these things. How each person deal with different situations in their environment, may differ from one person to another.  Some of these conditions can be:

  • Stress.
  • Conflicts.
  • Job satisfaction.
  • Resistance to change.
  • Alienation, bullying, and disorientation etc.
  • Frustrations/ mental and emotional disorders.
  • Alcoholism and drug addiction.

Counseling helps employees identify issues, difficulties and problems caused by thoughts, feelings and emotions and encourages them to respond and make progress towards resolution. Although a bit of stress provides workers with the motivation to improve productivity and efficiency, too much stress can be counterproductive.

Providing psychological therapy for stressed employees can have many beneficial effects. It can help reduce signs of anxiety and depression, improve mental health, lower levels of sick-off and improve job satisfaction and commitment. Counseling provides an effectual way of understanding the pressure caused by occupational stress and offers a supportive assistance.

Mental health issues at work affects more than the person under stress. Managers may be able to identify employees who may not be performing as effectively as before. Reasons can be increased workload or other productivity-related issues in the workplace, or can be caused by unhealthy relationships with other colleagues as well as family issues. Whatever the cause; stress, anxiety and pressure will continue to impact on staff and efficiency, which can result to illness, depression and a decrease in job satisfaction.

Offering formal counseling sessions to stressed employees will help them feel valued, and enable the individual to identify the cause of their problems and issues. This will effectively help increase employee morale, improve confidence and self-esteem, and improve productivity and efficiency hence creating a more relaxed working environment.

Here at Covenant Executives we:

  • Speak to employees on timely basis on certain reasons for the counseling session.
  • We describe, observe, and measure unacceptable conduct.
  • Advice on the best course of action.
  • Assist clients to find their own insights and understanding of their problems.
  • Provides confidential and independent resource to assist employees balance their work, family, and personal lives.
  • Assist employees to deal with emotional problems.
  • Develop skills and knowledge to reduce stress in the workplace, improve communication skills and ability to diffuse anger and frustrations.
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