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Chandaria Industries

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Chandaria Industries is the largest company within Chandaria Group’s portfolio and was established on 1st May 1964. The company started out as a small Tissue Converting operation and today is the largest Tissue and Hygiene products manufacturer in Kenya, East, and Central Africa. It is also the only Tissue and Hygiene products manufacturer in Kenya that manufactures its products 100% in Kenya and therefore living by one of the company’s core values of “Buy Kenyan, Build Kenya!”.

Chandaria Industries is also the largest recycler of paper waste for tissue manufacturing, making it one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable businesses in the region. The company has saved over 22 million trees by recycling paper waste over the last 31 years.

It’s state of the art recycling and waste management systems, processes and technology have made it a global case study with leading international education institutions and an outstanding example of corporate sustainability for other corporates worldwide.

The business is managed by the Group Managing Director, Mr. Mahesh Chandaria and his 2 sons Darshan Chandaria (Group CEO) and Neer Chandaria (Group Sales & Marketing Director).

By purchasing Chandaria Industries products you get value for money, protect the environment and you are also supporting more than 20,000 people who work in the paper waste collection and distribution sector.


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