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Every day, Angaza helps bring life-changing products into homes across the globe. By using our technology solution to sell products on affordable pay-as-you-go financing plans, our distribution partners have unlocked new markets, many reporting up to 5x increases in sales to consumers. Over 12 million people in emerging markets across the globe have benefited from Angaza’s technology by accessing life-changing products that save money, increase incomes, improve household health, and increase quality of life.

After launching Angaza to increase clean energy access in off-grid markets, Angaza’s founders quickly realized that, despite demand for high-quality solar energy systems, the upfront product costs were prohibitively expensive for the consumers who needed them the most. To meet this existing consumer demand, Angaza developed a complete technology solution to make life-changing products accessible and affordable. Our embedded metering and monitoring technology allows device manufacturers to make their products Pay-As-You-Go enabled, and our software suite allows product distributors to digitize their data, automate their operations, and rapidly scale their last-mile distribution businesses.

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