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Career Development

Career Development

Getting started on the right foot in your career can make all the difference. Fostering an attitude of appreciation for lifelong learning is the key to workplace success.  Today, organizations are faced with rapidly changing environments, competitive pressures globally, ever-changing technological advances, and more.  The pressure to be more innovative, productive, flexible, and sustainable has never been greater.

We have to take control of our career planning to ensure we put ourselves in position for long-term growth. This requires you to consider the implications of a competitive work environment. In particular, your strategic approach to career development in a new world of work should be improved. It is not sufficient to simply have a job. To guarantee long-term employment, all persons are required to genuinely provide value to the organization where they work.

There may be a lot to accomplish, let Covenant Executives help you take it one step at a time. Covenant aims at helping you organize your careers development planning activities. We take into consideration these three areas:


Even if you have engaged in a self-assessment process earlier in your career, your interests may have changed over time and you may be eager to learn new skills.  It is helpful to periodically engage in a thorough process of self-assessment throughout your career. By reflecting on your values, interests, personality traits and skills, you gain insight that can help you uncover your optimal career path and work environment.

Don’t be a person easily replaceable within an organization. In the current competitive market, self-assessment is necessary so that a person determines invaluable factors necessary in the current market. Consider the following in terms of self-assessment:

Demand: Ask yourself, do my skills match the current needs and wants of the industry and the market? No employee can control demand forces, so you must improve by aligning skills with those of current market trends.

Ability: How effective do you perform tasks assigned at the workplace? You should seek to continually improve on the ability to do what is required of you. Ask yourself, what am I doing on a daily basis to improve my ability to perform tasks?

Irreplaceability: This measures how difficult it is to replace you and is a function of two things:  the available competition for your position, and how deeply you understand the unique needs of your current employer.  To stay irreplaceable, you must commit to ongoing research and reevaluation.  Consider:  What is the biggest thing keeping your boss from firing you right now?

Focus: You should avoid any activity that does not contribute positively to your career development. You should not consider several directions since you are likely to be less valuable. Focus on the most valuable aspects of career development.

Connection: Interact with others in the profession. In addition, face-to-face interaction as well as digital interaction is necessary. The value that you bring is directly affected by your ability to work well with others and to share resources with others.  Connection is an absolutely essential part of becoming invaluable.

Authority: How does the market consider you as an expert in your field? Do people look for you for advice and decision making? Recognition in the market improves value.

Make an appointment with Covenant Executives to talk about what kind of self-assessment plan would work best for you. We are here to help you identify options using self-evaluation questions and career inventories.

Skill Development

More and more job roles are requiring formal training qualifications either because of legislative requirements or to meet the requirements of specific employers. Developing your skills starts with assessing which skills are crucial for your desired career development. Developing these skills through further training gives you the significant benefit to develop your career. Continuously learning and developing one’s skills requires identifying the skills and then successfully seeking out trainings or on-the-job opportunities for developing those skills.

Developing your skills will offer you the following advantage:

  • Improve employment opportunities.
  • Increase career development opportunities.
  • Personal growth.
  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of your local industry.

Covenant Executives will:

  • Recommend education and training to enhance your professional life.
  • Assist our clients to think through career goals and focus on developing knowledge and skills.
  • Advice you on how to use your strengths, talents, experience, and passion while performing duties and responsibilities.

Career Management

Careers have often been restricted to an employment commitment to a single trade skill, profession or business firm for the entire working life of a person. In recent years, however, a career now includes changes or modifications in employment during the foreseeable future. Career Management ensures others know about you and your value.

When we think of career development planning, we think of the goals or action items that we feel we need to do to move our careers forward. We often carry these thoughts around in our heads for months, years, or decades without ever writing them down. If we do write down our goals, they often take the form of a list and many times we lose momentum after writing our goals down, misplace the list, and accomplish only some of our goals.  This is not a very motivating or positively reinforcing process!

Career development cannot be complete without regular habits of building relationships, taking part in career development conversations, and updating your plans for career development. You also need to set new goals in life based on career needs change. You also need to possess resilience in terms of managing job loss and changes.

Here at Covenant Executives:

  • We provide guidance on how you can possess basic skills related to job searching and managing change at the workplace.

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